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Night on Earth. Erkenntnisse eines Chatset Junkies in der " Community ".
click: PDF-Document: http://www.chat-bibliography.de/papers/rainer.pdf.

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click: HTML-Version: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/misc/electropolis.html.

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Are MUDs Banned in Australia?
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click: HTML-Document: http://www.aluluei.com/cult-form.htm.

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click: PDF-Document: http://mod.iig.uni-freiburg.de/publikationen/grliste3.pdf.

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click: HTML-Document: http://www.cios.org/www/ejc/v13n1.htm.

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click: HTML-Document: http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol6/issue3/rintel.html.

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Untersuchung zur thematischen Organisation von Chat-Gesprächen.
Universität Bielefeld (Magisterarbeit).
[E-Mail-Contact: yr@onlinehome.de]

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click: HTML-Document: http://psych.curtin.edu.au/people/robertsl/Telep.htm. [no longer available]

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Choosing a Chat Reference Software Solution: The Devil Is in the Details.
click: HTML-Document: http://library.fgcu.edu/Conferences/infostrategies01/presentations/2001/roberts.htm.

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click: HTML-Document: http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol3/issue3/rodino.html.

Rollert, Diemo (2003)
Reale Seelsorge in virtuellen Räumen - am Beispiel der Internet-Kirche in Funama.
Hannover (Examensarbeit).
click: DOC-Version: http://home.arcor.de/diemo.rollert/Examensarbeit_Rollert.doc.

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Chat Reference: An Exciting New Facet of Digital Reference Services.
In: ARL Bimonthly Report 219.
click: HTML-Version: http://www.arl.org/newsltr/219/chat.html.

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Die Interaktionswirklichkeit des IRC.
Networx 18.
click: PDF-Document: http://www.mediensprache.net/networx/networx-18.pdf.

Rosenberger Shankar, Tara, VanKleek, Max, Vicente, Antonio & Smith, Brian K. (2000)
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Proceedings of the 32nd Hawaii International Conference on Systems, 1998.
click: PDF-Document: http://web.media.mit.edu/~tara/HICSS2000.pdf.

Röttgers, Janko (2001)
Elizas Rückkehr. Der Bot, dein Buddy: Chat-Robots mausern sich zum Uber-Interface.
click: HTML-Document: http://www.heise.de/tp/deutsch/inhalt/on/11063/1.html.

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Opladen. Wiesbaden.
click: Accompanying Website: http://www.mediensprache.net/de/websprache/pubs/1/index.asp.

Ryan, J. (1995)
A uses and gratifications study of the Internet social interaction site LambdaMOO. Talking with the "Dinos".
Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana (Thesis submitted for Master of Arts).
click: HTML-Version: http://vesta.physics.ucla.edu:80/~smolin/lambda/index.html.
[no longer available]

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