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Jacobson, David
Impression Formation in Cyberspace. Online Expectations and Offline Experiences in Text-based Virtual Communities.
Paper, Department of Anthropology, Brandeis University.
click: HTML-Document: http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol5/issue1/jacobson.html.

Jacobson, David (1996)
Contexts and cues in cyberspace. The pragmatics of naming in text-based virtual realities.
In: Journal of Anthropological Research 52, 461-479.

Jakobs, Eva-Maria (1998)
Mediale Wechsel und Sprache. Entwicklungsstadien elektronischer Schreibwerkzeuge und ihr Einfluß auf Kommunikationsformen.
In: Holly, Werner & Biere, Bernd Ulrich (Ed.): Medien im Wandel. Opladen, 187-209.

Janney, Richard W. (1997)
The cold warmth of communication in computer networks.
In: Nöth, Winfried (Ed.): Semiotics of the media. State of the Art, Projects, and Perspectives. Berlin. New York (Approaches to Semiotics 127), 519-534.

Jauréguiberry, Francis (2000)
Le Moi, le Soi et Internet.
In: Sociologie et société 32 (2), 135-151.

Jaworowski, Carlene (2001)
There’s More to Chat then Chit-Chat: Using Chat Software for Library Instruction.
click: HTML-Document: http://library.fgcu.edu/Conferences/infostrategies01/presentations/2001/jaworowski.htm.

Joinson, Adam (1998)
Causes and Implications of Disinhibited Behavior on the Internet.
In: Gackenbach, Jayne (Ed.): Psychology and the Internet. Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Implications. San Diego, CA, 43-60.

Jonas, Kai J. & Boos, Margarete (2000)
Vom Archaischen in der computervermittelten Kommunikation.
Paper, Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung 2000.
click: HTML-Document: http://qualitative-research.net/fqs-texte/1-00/1-00jonasboos-d.htm.

Jones, Quentin (1997)
Virtual-communities, virtual settlements & cyber-archaeology. A theoretical outline.
In: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.
click: HTML-Version: http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol3/issue3/jones.html.

Jones, S. (Ed., 1998)
Cybersociety 2.0: Revisiting computer-mediated communication and community.
Sage, CA.

Jones, S. (1998)
Information, Internet and Community. Toward an understanding of community in the information age.
In: Jones, S. (Ed.): Cybersociety 2.0: Revisiting computer-mediated and community. Sage, CA, 1-34.

Jones, Steven G. (Ed., 1997)
Virtual Culture. Identity and Communication in Cyberspace.

Jubin, Marie (2001)
Virtuelle Plaudereien und reale Konsequenzen.
In: Basler Zeitung, 27.08.2001.

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